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SWIFT Corporates Conferance

SWIFT – Corporates Breakfast Workshop

Wednesday 20th September 2017, 08:30 – 11:45
Venue: Wyndham Grand Levent , İstanbul



Corporations in Turkey are increasingly beginning to realise the need for adopting a more sophisticated, centralised and global approach to their finance and treasury management. As more and more Turkish companies follow the trend in a global business approach it creates a challenge to provide finance and treasury support to sustain the business initiatives. Many of these growing businesses are striving to remain competitive with their competitors abroad to engage in different ways in order to pursue operational excellence and eliminate inefficiencies. With a growing demand from the corporate community to align the communication standards with banks in the domestic Turkish market, the Corporate-to-bank (C2B) initiative will bring greater alignment between corporates and banks on financial requirements. SWIFT is playing an essential role to provide a platform to define standardisation in the Turkish financial community.

The forum will look at the challenges faced by finance and treasury managers in keeping up with the pace of change and provide updates on the current stages of C2B initiative and its future plans.

SWIFT is happy to invite you to SWIFT Corporates Breakfast Workshop in Istanbul on 20th September from 08:30 am to 11:45 at Wyndham Grand Levent in İstanbul with an objective of discussing the global corporate banking trends and gpi initiative of SWIFT. We will cover the following agenda:


08:30 – 09:00       Registration & breakfast

09:00 – 09:10       Welcome address

09:10 – 09:30       Introduction and update on SWIFT for Corporates

09:30 – 10:00       SWIFT gpi: Making cross border payments faster, more transparent, and traceable

10:00 – 10:40       Panel discussion: C2B initiative deep dive

10:40 – 11:00       Coffee break

11:00 – 11:40       Panel discussion: Bank on-boarding for corporates – making it easier for corporates to do business

11:40 – 11:45       Closing remarks


Please note that this event is free of charge.


If you would like to register for this event, kindly send an e-mail to onur.ozan@swift.com,Vanessa.antonio@swift.com or levent.coskuner@elcstrategy.com with your name and contact details by 15thSeptember at the latest.


We look forward to welcome you.